Keep curiosity alive

Store design. Retail design. Interior design. However you refer to 'store design', what is essential is the always the same: how.

Do you pique your customers' curiosity?

If your façade's decoration is not inviting, no one will want to come in.

With the right store design, the inside and outside go hand in hand. An in-depth form and colour study determines the direction, based on your product assortment.

What's more, to enable you to display more products, Different by Design designs your furniture to size.

And once they are inside, you have to continue to inspire your customers.

This is why Different by Design questions everything:

  • How do your customers navigate your store?
  • Where is your cash register?
  • What is the optimal lighting?
  • Where do you place your hotspots?
  • Which products do you highlight and when?
  • What are you displaying on the walls?
  • And what catches the eye in the centre of the open space? 
We even critically examine the number of fitting rooms.

Did you know that your sales are directly proportional to the number of fitting rooms in your store? We analyse every detail, and correct where necessary.

All with one goal in mind: greater sales. 
Your customers' 'feel good' feeling.

Tip from Ilse: The natural 'flow' inside a store is determined by the co-relationship between the entrance, the service point(s) and the checkout area.

We only continue once we have the basics right, by addressing the 'sensory experience', (subtly) stimulating that awareness...

Do you also want better sales with a store design that works?

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