Interior architects who understands your needs

Interior designer Ilse Van Doorsselaere got her start running a design store in the Middle East. She then began working as a project manager and local architect for international fashion brands.

Since 2002, she and her team have been leveraging this retail and project experience for your store, office or home.

To better understand companies' needs and to shift her perspective from a purely architectural viewpoint, she acquired a bachelor's degree in Facility Management between projects. As a result, she possesses an unrivalled understanding of the potential technical and budgetary pitfall.

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Interior architects who respects your budget

A new interior does not always have to cost a lot of money. Often enough, simple interventions can make a significant difference.

Different by Design examines your needs based on your budget and instructions:

  • a minor makeover

Your interior will undergo a quick, but effective facelift. Without drilling or breaking things apart.

  • a medium makeover

Your interior concept will receive a thorough update. We break up your interior where necessary, but retain most of your existing spaces. For sustainability purposes, not everything is thrown away.

  • a major makeover

You receive a completely new store or office interior – simply because you have found a new property, are moving or expanding or because it is high time for something new inside the current building.

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Interior architects who thinks and works sustainably

A new interior does not reveal how much you paid for those waste containers. Therefore, it is a pity to spend too much money on it because later on, in spite of the cost, your customer will not notice anything in the new interior.

This is why we actively think about how we can re-design or re-use your existing materials.

Thinking more sustainably about renovations is not just about the price and the environment, it also concerns the enormous mountain of waste the construction sector generates every year. The impact on our health and environment.

We are aware of this and are more than happy to weigh the merits of traditional materials against more sustainable alternatives. A growing number of wonderful solutions are emerging that both support the circular economy and can be applied to your business interior.


Mail: info@differentbydesign.be

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Interior architects who provides stress relief

Be honest: how much time would you waste coordinating the layout of your store or office if you had to do it yourself?

You have to locate your own contractors. You have to compare and manage budgets. You have to apply for permits. You have to monitor the work execution. And everyone must scramble and keep the pressure on when the schedule is threatened.

Inevitably, this causes you stress. And it translates into less time spent in your store, with your customers or employees.

That is why Different by Design takes on all these tasks. Beginning from day one.

Most importantly: everything is ready a full week before delivery. This provides you with enough time for your move, to familiarise your employees with the new space and to set up your products in the new interior.


Tel: 0032 15 51 66 27

Mail: info@differentbydesign.be

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