With Different by Design, you follow a proven step-by-step plan.
Following this plan as closely as possible will guarantee you fast results.

Five Essential Principles

1. Everything starts with a good conversation.

In your store, at the office or in your home. We collectively identify the problems you are facing today and determine where you want to be tomorrow. We evaluate your property and your project's feasibility.

2. To the drawing board

We get started on your story. We continue designing until we are sure that your customers or employees will feel good in the space.

You then see the result in a 3D simulation with a mood board. Based on your feedback, we will keep refining the design until we get it right.

3. The administrative paper mountain

While you are already dreaming of a newly furnished building, we will discuss the technical planning. We will also discuss the permits, the search for contractors and price quotes.

4. Monitoring and delivery

A tight schedule requires careful monitoring. But not to worry: we will only raise concerns if the work is going too slow or is not up to standard.

5. Trial period

Your business fully operational as quickly as possible... That is the goal, so the planning will be tight. Everything will be ready a week before your store re-opens or before you move into your office. So you still have enough time to familiarise your customers and employees with the new design.

Tel: 0032 15 51 66 27


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