Workplace well-being

The office is no longer a place where you just work, hold meetings and drink buckets of coffee.

Your employees want to feel at home. 

An office should not remind you of work, but rather feel like a place that is great to come to. After all, your employees spend a great deal of their time here.

A well though-out workplace increases your employees' productivity.

As with store design, Different by Design questions everything:

  • What is your business philosophy?
  • What is your house style?
  • Does that fit with your office design?
  • Do your employees feel good in their skin?
  • Or is it the contrary: do you have a lot of worker absenteeism?
  • How well do you score from an ergonomic perspective?
  • Do some employees have bad backs or tired eyes?
Result: you get an interior that works.

An interior that is not only beautiful, but one that also helps your company achieve fantastic results.

Tip from Ilse: Open spaces are often the only option in smaller areas with several employees, but they are stress-inducing.

Plants reduce stress by 20%, and we are happy to assist you in choosing acoustic solutions and adapted lighting for stress relief.

Do you want your office design to promote productivity? 
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