Ilse Van Loo

IlseVanLooThe driving force behind DIFFERENT by design is undoubtedly Ilse van Loo.
After completing a course in Interior Architecture, she dived headfirst into the design sector. First at 't Casteelken and shortly after at the design office of Top Mouton, a reference throughout the 1990's for those with an eye for high-quality, modern design and a touch of timeless elegance.

Following these invaluable practical experiences, she left for Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 1996
to start up a business as Division Manager of design furniture and turnkey projects.

After five versatile years in the prosperous retail Mecca, she left her Arabian adventure for a more independent career in the Benelux.

Interested in a multidisciplinary approach within retail, she finished an additional training in Facility Management (IMFA). This gave her an important insight: retail architecture is more than just the construction of an interior. Before a customer even considers renting a property, he often demands a site survey. This allows him to evaluate whether a concept is feasible and what the possible technical and budgetary constraints will be. That's why we now create total retail concepts within preset brand guidelines and potential parameters.





Professional advice
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