Makeover for Mexx Ghent

In the Ghent Veldstraat number 8, near the Korenmarkt, you can recently find a completely new Mexx store, which has experienced a complete makeover by the end of last year. In addition, Ghent had a real scoop, because it was here that the first Belgian Metropolitan boutique of Mexx opened its doors.


Ansgar Hellmich
Vice president global architecture

Joseph Borking
Project manager store development & architecture

Christophe Lenglain
Retail operations manager
Mexx Belux - France

Ilse Van Loo
Local architect Mexx Benelux
Manager DIFFERENT by design

François Le Doux
Visual merchandising manager
Mexx - men casual


Different by design renews interior of Mexx Den Bosch

The 700m2 store occupies the space of a former Art Deco theatre from the 1930's which has listed building status. The new store features Women's, Men's, Youth & Accessories lines.

Many of the original features are still visible within the interior and on the facade of the building thanks to the dedicated work of the architecture team at DIFFERENT by design.


Retailarchitecture at Lichtervelde, aim for harmony on both interior and exterior level.

Artex fashion proudly opened their brand new 1650m² multibrandstore at Lichtervelde.

DIFFERENT by design designed both the interior and the exterior of this building, based on 5 natural elements, with customer flow as a main priority.


Birgen Roels         
        Manager Limazi         
        Artex Fashion

Ilse Van Loo        
        Retail architect       
        DIFFERENT by design


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