Reopening Artex Fashion in Maldegem

After a period of renovation, Artex Fashion opened its doors last weekend. Friday 21 August the residents were treated to a snack and drink by the managers. "That way we want to thank them for their patience. After all, the renovation work took quite some discomfort with it", says business manager Els Roels, who Friday night received a delegation from the council in the fashion store. Next year the family business Artex Fashion celebrates its fortieth anniversary. In addition to a store in Maldegem Artex Fashion also has one more in Lichtervelde, run by Birgen Roels and his parents, and a store in Emelgem ( Izegem), where Mieke Roels is manager.

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Read here the full article from Het Nieuwsblad (in Dutch)

Artex Fashion rolls out new store concept

De make-over van het Artex Fashion-filiaal in Emelgem volgt amper 10 maanden na de nieuwe vestiging in Lichtervelde. Net zoals de winkel in Lichtervelde is ook dit filiaal uitgegroeid tot een modern winkelparadijs van 1.500m² voor de hele familie.

De esthetische en organisatorische facelift zorgt er onder meer voor dat de naam Artex Fashion veel meer op de voorgrond komt te staan en dat er veel meer flow en doorstroom is in de winkel dankzij de creatie van een tweede ingang achteraan. Er is een neutrale winkelomgeving met een bijzonder ruimtelijk gevoel gecreëerd waardoor de kleding mooi tot zijn recht komt.



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Karl Lagerfeld opens concept store in Antwerp

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has created "Karl Lagerfeld Belgium", to distribute the fashion brand of the German couturier in Belgium and Luxembourg. Through this partnership, the brand 'Karl Lagerfeld' has to grow in the upmarket segment in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In Antwerp, the first Karl Lagerfeld concept store of Belgium opened its doors end of October,
for which DIFFERENT by design proudly represented the function of local architect.

Read here the full article from Het Nieuwsblad (in Dutch)


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Mexx Den Bosch does it again

Already several times DIFFERENT by design could be proud of a publication for Mexx 's Hertogenbosch.
This time the article can be found in the German magazine I-magazin, focusing on the lighting that was implemented in this beautiful store.

This old cinema, a real architectural treasure, was transformed into a trendy clothing store for a successful fashion company.
For this project Mexx could also count on the support of the Belgian architect Ilse van Loo
and the team of DIFFERENT by design.


Read here the full article from I-magazin (in German)


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Bose opens second experience center in Eindhoven

DIFFERENT by design provided, as a local store build coordinator, the construction supervision on this project. Reporting directly to the Bose Store Build Manager Europe, we organized the weekly site meeting and reporting as well the whole authorization process with the local authorities. 

The communication between the client and all implementing parties went very smooth which even resulted in a few days earlier handover and opening. To everyone's satisfaction! Bose Eindhoven became a wonderful place where the customer quietly can see the whole range of Bose products come to live, a recommended experience.

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Mexx store at 's Hertogenbosch

In the Dutch city of Den Bosch, Mexx found a particularly sophisticated location in a former cinema from the year 1919.
Together with Mexx, DIFFERENT by design developed a design which emphasizes the historic look with the help of high-quality furnishings and, at the same time, creates a clever transition to the new use.


Read here the full article from AIT (German/English)


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Which store concepts are the best of the past year 2012?

The book "Läden" is thé quality illustrated book of the textile industry, in which the 50 best shops of the year are presented. With large photos and detailed descriptions is the "Läden" yearbook a very important publication.

The past year 2012 Mexx Den Bosch and the loft concept had the honor to be a part of this interesting book.

DIFFERENT by design has also worked on this project in terms of concept, design and execution to create a beautiful end result. All this in the form of a 712m ² large clothing store in a warm, family, unique atmosphere which gives a second life to an old cinema.


Läden-voorpagina        Läden-artikel


Mexx presents an atmospheric new store concept

 "Something old, something new"

The store in Ghent is ​about 880 square meters large and existed many years ago of two separate but beautiful historic buildings. The refit was a challenge,
but DIFFERENT by design also brought this refit, like many other Mexx refits in the Benelux, to a good end.

There were quite a few historical details discovered during rebuild and accentuated, for example a beautiful ceiling on the ground floor. Also lighting is very important in this store. Not only in the fitting rooms but throughout the whole store. Design lamps, theatrical lighting elements, accent and general lighting complement each other perfectly.
When you walk through the store today, you will immediately receive an 'at home' feeling.


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Artex fashion strongly believes in the multibrand story

Artex Fashion is a dynamic family business which counts three multibrand stores today. With more than 35 years of experience, also the youngest generation is very confident in the future. Proof? The brand new store in Lichtervelde, an attractive and modern shopping paradise which was designed and developed to perfection by DIFFERENT by design.

The store concept of Artex Fashion is based on the five elements of nature: earth, metal, water, wood, fire, and their mutual interactions. "This rather special oriental approach to retail architecture was a huge challenge for our team: the interaction of the elements was applied to formal language as well as materials throughout the whole concept", says Ilse Van Loo of DIFFERENT by design.


Read here the full article from Retail Update magazine (in Dutch)


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